"Through solid medical principals along with recent scientific research, our program is customized for you. At your initial consultation, we will decide which plan will work best to fit your lifestyle and medical needs. There are no contracts and you can change your mind at any time."

Although our main goal is to help you loss weight, as doctors, we also emphasize the importance of reducing your health risks, improving your quality of life, and giving you the tools necessary to maintain your weight loss.

Through our program, we help control your hunger and resist those food cravings, as well as improve your energy level. Specific medications and supplements can help in this process. In addition, our program incorporates behavioral modifications such as dealing with stress eating, learning about healthy food choices and substitutions, and coping with the everyday issues that we all must live with which can seriously interfere with successful weight loss.

Although most patients start off with a general weight loss diet, through further counseling, a more customized diet can be created to fit your reduced caloric weight loss needs. Meal replacements are also recommended and best used in the early weight loss phase. Through your continued one on one visit with a private physician, the healthy solutions for weight loss can be found. Not in a bottle or cream, but in a program customized for you. Our goal is to ultimately create a life-long plan that will enable you to lose the excess weight, keep it off, and get you feeling, looking and being healthier.

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