Initial Consultation Fee: $200
Recommended for those who have tried commercial diet plans but are still unable to reach their goals

All plans begin with an Initial Consultation with the physician.

At your initial consultation, let your doctor know if you have any of these conditions:

  Severely elevated blood pressure
  History of a heart attack or stroke
  Manic depressive psychosis
  You are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  Chest pain = "angina"
  You are currently breastfeeding
  You are taking medications for depression (names?)

This visit lasts 45 minutes and includes:

  Evaluation of medical/nutritional history
  A general physical exam
  A personalized Body Composition Analysis (evaluating % of fat, % muscle mass, % water, target body weight, and resting energy expenditure) to scientifically determine your caloric needs

You will also receive:

  Vitamin Shots
  Medications to help control appetite*

Follow Up Visit Fee: $65
This visit lasts 15 minutes and includes:

  Continued Physician Counseling to include Behavior Modification Interventions
  Review of food journal
  Adjustment of diet regimen and medications (if necessary)
  Vitamin injections**
  Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Educational Resources

At initial visit, please have:

  1. Completed health history packet (forms can be downloaded from this site). If you are unable to download these forms you must arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to complete them in the office.
  2. Recent 12 lead EKG and labs (CBC, CMP, TSH, Fasting lipid panel and insulin level) within 6 months. If you do not have them at this visit, you will be given a prescription to get them done by your next visit.
  3. Fees for initial visit. Health insurance often does not cover medically managed obesity treatment and we do not bill insurance companies for our services. We do accept cash, credit cards, and money orders.

* Medications cannot be administered until you are medically cleared. This includes review of your EKG and recent labs as stated above. There are several new medication options. Coverage of these medications will depend on your insurance. The details to be discussed with Dr. Tapscott.

** B12 injection is included in the office visit fee. Lipo injections are also offered at an additional $15 per injection. Patients must be a part of the program to receive these injections. They can be given weekly.

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