All of our post surgical patients are encouraged to follow-up at the Center for continued bariatric medical care after their surgery. This involves office consultations with our Bariatrician, Dr. Tapscott, who will monitor weight loss progress and make recommendations on dietary changes and supplements that may be helpful. She will also manage any postoperative nutritional deficiencies using prescription strength vitamins and close follow up with specific laboratory testing. As medical problems resolve after weight loss surgery, the Center works closely with patients' health care providers to make adjustments in medications and treatment plans.

In addition to these office visits, our patients attend monthly evening support group meetings where they participate in open discussions on many different issues that are relevant to their continued care. Invited speakers discuss topics such as post weight loss body contouring, cooking healthier, exercise tips and much more. All patients and their families are welcomed.

Finally, we recognize that many bariatric surgical patients move into the Washington, DC area having undergone their surgery with another physician. We invite these patients to become a part of our Center and join our monthly support group sessions.



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