Pre and Post Surgery Wellness Visits

  "The staff and physicians took time to hear my concerns and explain what to expect from my surgery. I feel confident that the support will last throughout my journey."

  "The handouts were very informative and helpful. I can't say that there is anything that I didn't like. The staff has been very polite and has offered encouragement whenever I needed it, especially Alfreda."

  "The staff was great! All the information I was given was very helpful. I would like to see more wellness visits added after surgery."

  "The staff was wonderful. They explained everything to me word for word. They were very understanding. The team as a whole is wonderful, from the receptionist to the coordinator to the doctors. There was nothing to not like about the program. I would love to see the team expand. Keep up the good work."

  "I liked the supportive nature of the staff and the informative handouts."

  "Extensive & Rigorous! It has been an excellent learning experience. Dr. Tapscott gets two thumbs up. The other [staff] also get two thumbs up."

  "I liked the advice and honesty of the staff. When I was wrong they did not mind telling me and how to correct it."

  "The staff treated me like I was their only [patient]. Dr. Tapscott was concerned about my weight problem. She did not look down on me."

  "Each visit was a build on the previous, which made the information more valuable. I enjoyed Dr. Tapscott being "real" and making information understandable."

  "The staff was very kind, respectful, and understanding."

  "The staff is EXCELLENT! They answered all my questions, addressed every concern, and always [returned my calls when I had questions] between visits. Even [staff] not directly involved in my treatment were polite, courteous and friendly."

  "The staff is very pleasant and helpful. The discussions with Dr. Tapscott and Ms. Alfreda were very helpful. A lot was learned."

  "Dr. Tapscott was very informative about what to expect before and after surgery."

  "The staff was professional and responsive. The doctors were friendly, of course professional, and good teachers/explainers. The advice and handouts were helpful."

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Medical Weight Loss Program

 "I liked how the staff and the doctor informed me about all the types of foods and exercises to help me lose weight and also how friendly and the positive attitude everyone had when I reached my weight goals. This has been a very good experience—keep up the good job."

 "Wonderful staff. [They] care for the whole patient."

 "What I liked about the program was the staff, discussions with the doctor, advice and the handouts. The program is really good. I like everything about the program."

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